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This section provides information on some of the most commonly encountered problems and provides possible causes and solutions.
Problem Possible Cause Possible Solutions
Door gasket does not seal properly. Seal has come loose Reseal gasket as per instructions
Unit is not level Level the unit as per instructions
Door does not hang straight Adjust door hinges as per instructions
Door warped in transit Leave door open in new surroundings for 48 hours.
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Unit will not start PDT/PDT Junior Thermostat delay Leave unit on… wait twenty minutes… should start
Tripped breaker Locate electrical panel, reset breaker
Temperature setting Turn down thermostat to lower temperature
Wine probe connections Assure probe line is not stretched out too much
Unit runs constantly Thermostat set too low The unit is only designed to cool to 50°F and 30°F cooler than temperature of the room it is in
Cabinet recently loaded with wine It may take several weeks to reach optimal storage temperature
Ambient temperature of room too high Unit may simply need to run
Inadequate ventilation Install some type of ventilation equipment
Door gasket not sealing properly See door gaskets
Unit is not cooling Door gaskets not sealing See door gaskets
Thermostat not adjusted correctly Adjust thermostat to lower temperature
Thermostat not operating Follow Bypass Plug procedure
Low on Freon Unit may need to be serviced by a technician
Temperature variation between top/bottom of cabinet Unit not operating See Temperature Equalizer
Cooling unit ices up Unit running constantly See section on running constantly (above)
Other cause Unplug for 24 hours, then restart. If problem persists, unit may need to be serviced by a technician
Unit makes clicking noise during startup Not enough power to start unit Assure dedicated 15 amp circuit. Check voltage to outlet
Unit makes a sizzling noise As the WhisperKOOL unit is running, it will develop condensation and the water will drain into a pan. As the pan heats up, you will hear this crackling noise as water drips onto the pan. The noise will go away after a couple of weeks.

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