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Door Gasket

If the cabinet’s cooling system is running continually without reaching the desired temperature, the problem may lie with the door gaskets not sealing correctly.

Examine the door gasket around the entire unit. You may also note this by turning on the interior light and turning off the lighting in the room. Determine if there is an area which is not sealing properly.

If a problem exists, use the following guidelines to resolve the problem:

Using a hair dryer, heat the gasket up while using your fingers to pull the gasket outward. Doing this for several minutes will loosen the gasket material and increase its flexibility.

Then close the door and determine if the magnetic strip within the gasket will seal with the metal strip on the door.

Repeat steps until gasket seals correctly. Once it has reseated itself, leave the doors closed for two to three hours.

The seal should retain the new shape after this process.

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