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Leveling The Unit


All cabinets have leveling legs that can be adjusted up or down with a wrench (provided with unit) as needed. There are two primary reasons for leveling the cabinet:

      • To assure that the unit stands solidly on the floor without rocking back and forth
      • To adjust the doors and make sure they are flush with one another, providing a tight seal

These leveling legs are pre-adjusted at our factory, but they may need to be tweaked to fit your specific install location. To level the unit, slowly adjust the legs using the wrench. Work in a clockwise motion to lengthen the leg or a counter-clockwise motion to shorten it. 

Do not try to level the cabinet with a leveling device. The unit is designed to stand slightly off plumb, tilting backward acutely so the doors will close firmly. This will compensate for the weight of the doors.

Once you have completed leveling the cabinet, check the unit to determine whether or not the doors are flush and sealing properly.

Cabinets need to tilt towards the back of unit to create a better seal on the door.



Cabinets should start to be leveled from side to side.

Once you have completed the leveling process, check the unit to determine whether the doors are flush and sealing properly.

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