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Liquid Thermometer


All cabinets come with our Precision Digital Technology (PDT), a liquid temperature measuring thermostat system. With this technology, a bottle probe relays information back to the thermostat, giving you a reading of the wine, not of the air around it.

Aside from the probe, the system offers other advantages:

      • A built-in defrost cycle: The unit is designed to shut off for five minutes every 90 minutes in order to prevent frost. This allows the cooling unit to cool effectively in demanding environments.
      • Heavy-duty circuitry: The system is resistant to power surges, which can play havoc on electrical components. This improvement will ensure years of trouble-free use. However, we still recommend that you install a surge protector specifically for the unit.
      • Fahrenheit and Celsius readouts: The thermostat has the ability to produce the readout in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, for overseas users.

By measuring the temperature of the liquid, the temperature reading will be consistent and the unit will only run when it needs to.


  1. Fill an empty wine bottle to its neck with room temperature water.
  2. Press bottle probe securely into bottle
  3. Place the bottle with probe into a level rack space.
  4. Avoid pulling too much on the probe cord as it may become disconnected, which would lead to inaccurate temperature readings.

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