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Warped Doors

Unfinished Wood Cabinets Not Warranted Against Warpage
Although the finest craftsmanship and materials are always used to produce your cellar, unfinished-wood cabinets are not warranted against warpage. Because the grain of the woods is not sealed against potential warpage that can occur in transit through different kinds of climates, it is not recommended to request yours in this style.

Door Warpage Warning
The Vinothèque panel construction is a “sandwich” of rigid insulating foam between two outside veneer panels. This construction will only deform if the moisture content of one panel is at variance with that of the other. A warpage condition, which is reversible, might develop during transportation or after installation in an ambient environment substantially dryer or substantially more humid than that in which the unit was manufactured and packaged with the door(s) closed (only exterior panel of door exposed to ambient).

For example, a unit manufactured in California during the rainy season (winter) and installed in an eastern heated room will tend to develop a concave warp as the outside exposed veneer panel dries up; while the same unit built in the dry summer weather and installed in Florida will develop a convex warp as the exposed panel absorbs outside moisture.

To Correct A Warped Door
Leave door open to expose both door surfaces to the same outside condition for 24 to 48 hours. To accelerate the process, wet the contracted (dry) door panel with a damp towel or sponge and allow drying with both door sides exposed.

To Prevent Future Warpage
Thoroughly seal both sides of a straight door with two coats of high quality moisture proof wood sealant, so as to prevent any further moisture exchange. Never seal a warped door, as it might be impossible to correct the condition after treatment. Vinothè•que is not responsible for reversible moisture induced warpage of unfinished doors or for door stained, and/or sealed after shipment from the factory.

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